*Literal representation

*Literal representation

Hello. My name is Lindi Koprivnikar. I'm a hodgepodge of an individual with a variety of tattoos, hair styles, and extracurricular interests that range from oil painting, to dancing, to cosplaying famous characters like a fairly huge nerd. I’ve had a love affair with all types of art ever since I was a wee child. And although I’ve grown a few inches (literally, just a few), the desire to constantly create has never left me.

I’m a graphic designer and art director by trade, and a painter and artist at heart. An analog girl in a digital world with an affinity for logo design and branding. I’ve always believed that computers and technology were meant to aid our creativity, not replace it. I think the key to standing strong in this ever shape-shifting digital landscape is successfully combining old traditions with new technology, and understanding there’s still power in a pencil.

I’m a unique character who doesn't take herself too seriously. To put it into perspective, my idols are Tank Girl, Carl Sagan and Donald Glover. Oh, and when I said I was into dancing earlier, I wasn't referring to ballet or something. I meant that I need to serve people on the dance floor. And yes, I’m aware I’m a full-grown adult. But rest assured when I’m 80 I will be rockin’ a full-blown Adidas tracksuit with the flyest orthopedic Velcro shoes you’ve ever seen.

TL;DR: Just a nice girl, with some nice dreams.



I live in outer space.
And Los Angeles.

Feel free to float over to my contact page and shoot me a message.

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